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Non esitate a chiamarci o compilate il nostro modulo online.


Do you have that little bit extra ?

Do you have the power to unite the world with your sound ?

Does your song has the energy to bridge the world ?

Then take your chance now and send in your song!

ConIFA is calling herewith all talented singers and bands to send in their own song to become the official ConIFA song 2014.

The winner will get free flight tickets to Östersund for the World Football Cup 2014 and will stay there from 31.05. to 09.06.2014 in the same hotel as the teams!

During that week the winner will have the chance to perform live during the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. Both will be broadcasted in TV and online around the world!

If you have enough songs you are also very welcome to do a full concert in Östersund during the World Football Cup week. We will of course take care of a stage for you!



All songs have to be submitted before the 01.04.2014

To submit your song upload your song as a video on youtube and post the link on our Facebook page or send it to us as a tweet to @ConIFAofficial

You can sing in any language you want to! Of course multilingual songs are also very welcome!

It should not promote any of our teams, but should be neutral. Of course songs about football and our main values "bridging the world" and "represent the unrepresented" would be welcome (but it is not neccessary)

No explit lyrics as thousands of children will see it!

It does not at all matter where you are from! There is no connection to any of our members needed!



Until the 07.04. the Executive Committee of ConIFA will vote for 10 songs which make it to the final round

Then we will ask our fans to vote on the final 10! So the world publicly will decide if you will get the artist of the official ConIFA song 2014


Saturday 28 December 2013 GALICIA - OCCITANIA

CONIFA World Football Cup 2014

Dear football friends all over the world!
CONIFA is proud to present the official logotype for CONIFA World Football Cup 2014 in the city of Östersund, Sweden.

You find the official tournament website at

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